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No. Block No. Company Name   Business Type

Phase I & II

1 B-1 PT. Tirta Alam Segar INA Warehousing & Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
2 B-1-2 PT. Sayap Mas Utama INA Warehouse for Consumer Goods
3 B-2 PT. Argo Pantes INA Integrated Textile Business/Spinning (Combed Yarn, Carded Yarn)
4 B-3-1 PT. Philip Morris Indonesia NED Industry of mfg of cigarettes, preparation of warehousing, fumigation & warehousing of tobaco, etc
5 B-4-1 PT. Enomoto Srikandi Industries Indonesia JPN Metal Works Manufacturing & Sales of Drum Closure
6 B-4-2 PT. JFE Shoji Steel Indonesia JPN Coil Steel Center (Steel Processing)
7 C-1 PT. Wira Logitama Saksama INA Warehousing & Coldstorage
8 C-2 PT. Asahi Best Base Indonesia JPN Sub-Assy & Electronics Component (Audio, Video, Motorcycle, etc)
9 E-1,E-2 PT. Denso Indonesia JPN Automotive Components Mfg (Car & Bus A/C, Sparks Plugs, etc)
10 E-3 PT. Lotte Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Chewing Gums
11 E-4 PT. Prasidha Intijaya INA Warehouse
12 E-6 PT. Scheneider Indonesia GER Manufacturing of Electrical Wiring Devices
13 E-7 PT. Umeda Factory Indonesia JPN Precision Metal Stamping and Dies Maker
14 E-8 PT. Tsuchiya Manufacturing Indonesia JPN Precision Plastic Parts for Electrical Equipment
15 F-1, 6 CV. Bhakti INA Manufacturing of Motorcycle Parts
16 F-2-1 PT. Dyson Zedmark Indonesia Limited INA Precision Refractories
17 F-2-2 PT. Dian Lestari Sejahtera INA General Trading
18 F-3, 4 PT. NOK Indonesia JPN Special Industry Machine Parts (Sealing Devices)
19 F-5 PT. Oriental Asahi JP Carton Box JPN Manufacturing of Hight Quality Corrugated Carton Boxes
20 F-7 PT. Lakshmi Leela G I/PT. Sinar Kemuning Logistic INA Logistics & warehouse
21 F-8 PT. Ohtomi JPN General Printer Adhesive Label Specialist
22 G PT. LG Electronics Indonesia KOR Electronics Mfg (Color Picture Tube, Color Monitor, Video Cassette,etc)
23 G PT. LP Displays Indonesia KOR Electronics Mfg (Color Picture Tube, Color Monitor, Video Cassette,etc)
24 H-1-1 PT. Digital Media Technology INA Optical Disc Manufacturing
25 H-4 PT. Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia (1) JPN Manufacturing of Disc Plate for Motorcycle Braking System
26 H-4-1, H-4-2-2, H-8 PT. Posmi Steel Indonesia JPN Shearing and Slitting of Cold Rolled Steel,Metal Pressed Part, Welding,etc
27 H-4-2-1 PT. Avidisc Crestec Interindo INA Optical Disc Manufacturer (CD Rom, DVD, CD, VCD)
28 H-4-3 PT. Progress Toyo (Indonesia) JPN Manufacturing of Automotive & Motorcycle Parts (Rear View Mirror)
29 H-7-1 PT. Wahana Dirgantara INA Warehouse Operator
30 H-7-2 PT. Diamond Diaci Anugrah Jaya INA Glass Processor Industry, Trucking, Container Depo
31 H-9, O-9-1 PT. Riken Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Plastic Pellet (Industry PVC Coumpond)
32 H-10 PT. Mayora Indah INA Manufacturing of Biscuit and Confectionery
33 H-12,H-1-2 PT. Higashifuji Indonesia JPN Synchronized Motor & Stepping Motor & Other Electric, Electronics Parts
34 I-1-1 PT. Nippisun Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Color Coumpond for Plastic Resin
35 I-1-2 PT. Air Liquide Indonesia FRC Industrial Gases {O2, N2, Ar, H2, Special Gases (Helium,Co, N2O2)}
36 I-2-1,I-2-2 PT. Sunstar Engineering Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Motorcycle Parts (Spocket Rear, Disk Brake)
37 I-2-3,5 PT. Okurimono Indonesia INA Logistics
38 I-2-4 PT. Hijau Elektronika Indonesia KOR Plastic Injection Moulding
39 I-3,4 PT. Tenma Indonesia JPN Plastic Injection Moulding (TV Cabinet, VTR Cabinet, Other Plastic Parts)
40 I-5 PT. Dharma Maruwa Garment Indonesia INA Manufacturing of Knitted Wear
41 I-6 PT. Jawa Manufacturing & Trading Company SIN Sport & Medical Protection Accessories Equipment Manufacturing
42 J-8 PT. Sankei Gohsyu Industries (PT. SGI) (1) JPN Manufacturing of Automotive Components
43 J-9 PT. Mandom Indonesia, Tbk (1) JPN Manufacturing of Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes & Plastic Products
44 J-10 PT. Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia (1) JPN Warehousing & Terminal Container
45 J-10-1, J-16 PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia JPN Plastic Injection Moulding
46 J-10-2 PT. Inter Candy Utama INA Confectionery and Glucose Syrup
47 J-11 PT. Toyota Boshoku Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Seat and Car Interior
48 J-12,14,15 PT. Nusa Toyotetsu (1) JPN Press and Welding Parts (Parking Brake Lever, Door Hinge, etc)
49 J-17.1,18,19,20 PT. Sugity Creatives (1) JPN Auto Body Assembly & Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Moulding
50 J-17-2 PT. Shinto Kogyo Indonesia (1) JPN Industrial Plastic Component for Automotive (Leg Shield, Oil Tank)
51 M-1-1 PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Hospital Bed
52 M-1-2, M-3-1 PT. Hogy Indonesia (1) JPN Manufacturing of Disposable Medical Equipments
53 M-2-1 PT. Topla Hymold Indonesia JPN Manufacturer & Sales of Plastic Injection Moulding & Process Product
54 M-2-2 PT. Seiwa Indonesia JPN Power Transmission Belts for Industrial and Automotive Use
55 M-3-2 PT. Fukusuke Kogyo Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Bags
56 M-4 PT. NSK Bearings Manufacturings Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Rolling Bearings
57 M-4 PT. Sudo Manufacturing Indonesia JPN Pressing for Bearings
58 M-25 PT. Daido Metal Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Plain Bearings
59 M-27 PT. URC Indonesia (1) SIN Food ( Corn Chips, Corn Curcle, Confectionery)
60 M-28-1 PT. Denko Wahana Industries Indonesia MAL Electronics Component & Turbine Ventilator (Speaker Grilles, Panel)
61 M-28-2 PT. Topla Techno Jaya JPN Plastic Injection Moulding for Refrigerator Parts
62 M-29 PT. Advance Stabilindo Industry INA Chemical Industry (Advastab TM 181 FS)
63 M-30 PT. Goo Indonesia Chemical JPN Industry of Synthetic Polymer Products
64 M-31 PT. Astra Otoparts, Tbk INA Automotive Parts
65 M-32-1 PT. Igas Utama INA Field Adm Bldg,workshop,stockyard related to the industry of Natural Gas
66 M-33,34 PT. Framas Indonesia GER Shoes Component Made of Plastic (Out Soles, Torsion Bars, etc)
67 M-35 PT. Daigo Steel JPN Metal Fabrication (Steel Flange for concrete Pile)
68 M-37, M-37-2 PT. Topla Abadi Jaya JPN Manufacturing of Plastic Extrusion for Refrigerators
69 N-1 PT. Fukuyama Giken Indonesia INA Forging Industry (Yoke, Flange, Rocker Arm, Connector)
70 N-2,17,18 PT. Crestec Indonesia JPN Paper & Carton Box Printing Manufacturer
71 N-3,4,5,6,7 PT. Koyo Jaya Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Automotive Radiators
72 N-8,9,10,11 PT. AKS Precision Ball Indonesia JPN Manufacturing and Sales of Steel Balls for Ball Bearings
73 N-12-1 PT. Kotera Indonesia JPN Metal Ornament (Budhist Altar Fittings Manufacturings)
74 N-12-2 PT. Yamada Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Furniture Components
75 N-12A,14,15 PT. Sankyo Indonesia JPN Electrical Housewares (Electric Blanket, Electric Carpet)
76 N-16,19 PT. Taiyo Toshin Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Cookware Products, Stainless Steel
77 O-1 PT. Panasonic Healthcare Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Medical Equipment Healtcare Product
78 O-1-1 PT. Sanyo Jaya Components Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Electronics Component
79 O-1-2 PT. Hankyu Hansin Logistics Indonesia JPN Logistic & Warehouse
80 O-2 PT. KDS Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Electronics Component (Crystal Resonator)
81 O-3 PT. Padma Soode Indonesia/PT. Ciptajaya Kreasindo Utama INA Manufacturing of Electronics Components (Micro Switch)
82 O-4 PT. NSK Bearings Mfg Indonesia /PT. HRS Indonesia JPN Manufacture of Ring for Bearing Industry
83 O-5,10,11 PT. Toyo Seal Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Rubber Seal for Bearings
84 O-9 PT. Polymatech Indonesia JPN Elastomer Switches Industries (Key Pad Rubber)
85 T-1, 2 PT. Rhythm Kyoshin Indonesia JPN Precision Metal Stamping and Dies Maker
86 T-3 PT. Emblem Asia JPN Manufacturing of Nylon Films
87 T-4 PT. Super Steel Karawang JPN Shering Slitting of Steel Coils
88 T-6-1 PT. Chubb Safes Indonesia UK Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing
89 T-6-2 PT. Sanyo Special Steel Indonesia JPN Special Steel Cutted
90 T-7 PT. Sumitomo Electric Wintec Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Magnet Wire
91 T-8 Mr. Johannes Tedjapranatha INA Warehouse
92 T-9 PT. Kawashima Engineering Plastic Indonesia JPN Engineering Plastic Injection Moulding
93 T-9-1 PT. Bando Electronics Indonesia JPN Manufacturing of Power Transformer for Audio Set

Phase III

94 AA-1,2, BB PT. Astra Honda Motor JPN Assembly of Motorcycle
95 DD-1 PT. Sankei Gohsyu Industries (PT. SGI) (2) JPN Mfg of Forging Goods, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Export Import These
96 DD-2 PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght Indonesia AUS Distr. of Coated Steel Coils & Mfg & Distr. of Roll Formed Steel Bldg Materials
97 DD-3 PT. Nittsu Shoji Indonesia JPN Consultation on Business Development & Management & Warehouse Services
98 DD-4 PT. Nusahadi Citraharmonis INA Automotive Stamping Parts
99 DD-5,6,7 PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia JPN Paint and Related Painting Materials Manufacturing
100 DD-8 PT. Hanken Indonesia JPN Sheet Metal Fabrication for Construction Machinery
101 DD-9 PT. Federal Nittan Industries JPN Automotive Components
102 DD-9-1 PT. Nusa Toyotetsu (2) JPN Automotive Components
103 DD-10 PT. Daya Kobelco Construction Machinery Indonesia JPN Main Distributor of Construction Machineries
104 DD-11 PT. ABB Sakti Industri SWI Manufacturer of Electrical Components
105 DD-12 PT. NSK-Warner Indonesia JPN Manufacture of Primary Components, e.g. Clutch, Bearings, etc